FedEx Offers FREE Resume Printing!! March 10th Only

FedEx Office (used to be FedEx Kinkos) will offer free printing for people’s resumes on Tuesday, March 1oth.  Free and timely?  Now that’s handi.  Here are the details:

“The company invites customers to take advantage of this one-day event by visiting any of its 1,600+ FedEx Office Print and Ship Centers in the United States during regular business hours.  This offer is good for 25 black-and-white resume copies per customer and is only valid for orders placed and picked up in-store.  The copies will be printed single-sided on resume-quality paper.”

While it’s only 25 copies, it’s still a very nice gesture on their part, considering that if all 11.6 million unemployed Americans (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics) took advantage of their deal, that would amount to 275 million free copies!  Press Release here.

Twice in One Week, I hear “I’m not worried.” It makes me worry.

Twice this week I have heard the following: “I need some job search help, but I’m not worried about my resume, it’s more about finding openings.”  And still, even though I was assured that their resumes were solid, I decided to take a look.  OMG my friends.  OMG.

If you think your resume isn’t an issue, think again.  Both of these people had well-formatted resume, but the content was abismal.  Listing the names of managers with each job, reasons for dismissal or for leaving the position, out of order dates, and barely a real description of their accomplishments to be found.  OR way way too much information thrown on the page, with little direction for an employer to follow.  Either way, there was much to be worried about.  I thought about how many positions they’d already applied to, thinking their resume was top notch.  I didn’t want to burst their bubble, but saying nothing would have been a dereliction of duty (sorry, that’s a tad on the dramatic side). 

Moral of this resume blunder story:  If you think your resume isn’t the reason you aren’t getting interviews, think again.  Worrying about your resume might be an extreme reaction, but you ought to be concerned about your resume and always looking to improve it.  Rather than holding it back from professional opinions, thrust it with abandon into the faces of anyone who’s willing to have a look-see. 

Transferable Skills – Even presidential candidates need them

If you’re conducting a job search at the moment, you might learn a thing or two from the presidential race.  No matter your political affiliation, every politician touts an important list of SKILLS that they bring to the table.  Most of these skills were gained in positions outside the presidential arena, but they are TRANSFERABLE because they can be used in many settings.  These are, aptly, called TRANSFERABLE SKILLS.

Why are transferable skills important?
Transferable skills are what help people with little or no specific experience in a particular career break into that career by using their outside experience.  So if you’ve found a job that you just know you are perfect for, but there’s the small matter of your never having done that job before, transferable skills can help get you in the door.

Typical Transferable Skills:

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Free Resume Writing Tutorial- July 15, 9pm

This came to me from a member of, an excellent resource for all things job search-related.  It’s free, so what’s to lose? 

Disclaimer- I don’t know much about Laura Whitelaw or Charly Leetham other than that they are members of Secrets of the Job Hunt, which is a good start.  So view this post as me just passing along a free opportunity that may or may not be worth your time.  If it’s great, then I’ll take full credit.  And if it’s not great, I didn’t do it! ;)

Job Seeking is an extremely competive environment. Employers can see 100’s of resumes in their search for a suitable candidate, what is it that make  your Resume stand out?

Do you know what it is that sets your resume apart from all the other job seekers resumes? In todays competitive environment, an employer will only spend a few minutes or, perhaps even mere seconds, sorting through resumes and making a decision on who they wish to interview for a job.

Does your resume really give you the competitive edge? Does it truly represent your skills, accomplishments or even yourself to the best advantage? Do you know what does?

Laura Whitelaw is the founder of Best Choice 4 Resumes. Her background includes several years working in the employment services field as well as some time working in corporate training and development. During her career, she has reviewed thousands of resumes and covers letters and coached many jobseekers on interviewing skills.

Best Choice 4 Resumes aims to provide the jobseeker with information that will help them write an attention grabbing resume. Best Choice 4 Resumes also provides a resume writing service, interview coaching and will review your resume for you.

In her Ebook, “Resume Writing Strategies Revealead”, Laura shares her experience helping Job Seekers prepare their resumes and provides practical advice on preparing resumes. The ebook is chock full of information, examples and Laura even provides sample resumes for several different jobs.  

On this call, Laura will share with you

  •  1 Surefire Way to get your resume recognized
  • Little known tips for producing a resume to get you the interview
  • How to answer the top 3 interview questions  

July 15 at 9pm EDT