Career Advice & Motivation from the Pilgrims

I have to admit, I originally wrote this for the monthly newsletter my office produces.  Even though it’s a publication geared towards college students, I think it’s an appropriate and timely post for people in any stage of their career.  Now, maybe we’ll all work up the motivation to take charge of our careers while we work […]

Simply Complex – Changing Your Contact Info

When I recently got married, I made the choice to change my last name to my husband’s.  And while I’m quite satisfied with that decision, I am also going to openly confess that it’s a giant pain in the tookus.  Because of it, I needed to change my e-mail address, which then got me thinking […]

Secrets of the Job Hunt – Great Resource

I recently joined the website (membership is FREE).  Here is how they describe themselves: Secrets of the Job Hunt is a social network for job seekers & career advice professionals. All members have the ability to post to our blog, participate in groups, forums and message each other. Think of us as the “Facebook” […]