Extraordinary Life Website – Free Resources

eLifePlans.com is a website for life coaching that tries to help readers and members live their most Extraordinary Life.  I found this through another cool website- VocationVacations.com, when they partnered to produce a FREE webinar on branching out on your own and embracing your entrepreneurial spirit.  The webinar offered 8 helpful steps to becoming an […]

Are you in the right line of work?

I teach a class for college students that helps them prepare to find internships and jobs.  And one of the activities we do involves career values- figuring out what you absolutely NEED and what you absolutely can’t stand in a job.  When the topic of compensation comes up, everyone shudders at the idea of working […]

Simplify Your Life and Your Job Search

Are you stuck in a job you don’t like?  Maybe it’s something you fell into after college because you needed SOMETHING and weren’t planning on sticking around?  Or life’s thrown some other priorities at you- kids, parents, debt- and you just can’t seem to find the time to job search?  Job searching does take time, […]