Sittin’ on the Career Couch? Open your Career Journal!

The Wall Street Journal, like the NY Times, has a career section.  Their’s is aptly called the Career Journal.  On top of having excellent news coverage of careers in the U.S., they’ve got a super Tips section for job hunters and satisfied job-holders alike, with topics from resumes and networking to how to ensure a […]

Take a seat at the Career Couch

The New York Times website, has a career advice column called the Career Couch, which falls under their Jobs section.  The section also appears in print in their Sunday newspaper editions.  Much like you’d expect, their advice is accurate, helpful, and practical. Why do I like it?  They take one overarching theme- in the example […]

A lightening of the Economy, so to speak

If you woke up this morning and though, hmph, it feels “lighter” today, you were right- the United States lost 84,000 jobs in August, causing the highest national unemployment rate in 5 years- 6.1% of eligible workers in our country are now unemployed. In case you wonder what this means for the economy, it takes roughly […]