Are you in the right line of work?

I teach a class for college students that helps them prepare to find internships and jobs.  And one of the activities we do involves career values- figuring out what you absolutely NEED and what you absolutely can’t stand in a job.  When the topic of compensation comes up, everyone shudders at the idea of working […]

Blogging to enhance your career

Penelope Trunk, Brazen Careerist creator, Boston Globe columnist, and fellow career blogger, wrote an excellent piece on using blogs as a career tool way back in June 2007.  I may be a bit late on this one, but the information is as timely as ever, not to mention clever and useful, those two gems I […]

Radical Careering = Rad Resource!

I like inspiring things.  Inspiring things are, well, inspirational.  Once resource that I’m particularly inspired by is the “theory” of radical careering, introduced by Sally Hogshead.  I first came across the concept through her book of the same name, but after visiting her website, I am convinced of its rad-ness. Radical Careering centers around the […]