Making a Landing after a Layoff

Alison Doyle,’s job search guide guru, has an excellent set of resources for anyone being effected by the crisis on Wall Street unfolding this week.  However you might be involved, these tips and resources will hopefully assist you in seeing that small, but ever-glowing, light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t say […]

A lightening of the Economy, so to speak

If you woke up this morning and though, hmph, it feels “lighter” today, you were right- the United States lost 84,000 jobs in August, causing the highest national unemployment rate in 5 years- 6.1% of eligible workers in our country are now unemployed. In case you wonder what this means for the economy, it takes roughly […]

Women’s Jobs More Vulnerable in Economic Downturn

I found this article today particularly interesting, especially as a woman in the workforce about to get married (in 30 days, but who’s counting?).  In years past, families could look to the women of the household to provide extra income (whether they were already working or not) during times of economic hardship.  Not so any […]