Save Your Holiday Party!

My apologies for the week-long absense in posts.  Thanksgiving plus a very persistent cold equals lack of posts.  However, I have a treat to come back to you with- Kahlua (yes, the beverage company), is running a Save the Holiday Party contest for frustrated workers whose professional holiday bash has been cancelled due to the […]

Job Action Day, Better Late than Never!

Quintessential Careers declared November 3rd as Job Action Day.  But even if, like me, you missed this great event, turn any day in the future into Job Action Day for yourself! What is Job Action Day? “Quintessential Careers has declared Nov. 3 Job Action Day 2008 worldwide — a day for job-seekers and workers to […]

U.S. Economic Crisis is World Economic Crisis

We aren’t the only ones… From the Los Angeles Times yesterday: In London financial district, a job-hunting frenzy… Since the world financial meltdown began accelerating two weeks ago, hundreds of investment bankers have been thrown out of work in London, and still more are hanging on by the seat of their exquisitely tailored, pinstriped pants. […]