Twice in One Week, I hear “I’m not worried.” It makes me worry.

Twice this week I have heard the following: “I need some job search help, but I’m not worried about my resume, it’s more about finding openings.”  And still, even though I was assured that their resumes were solid, I decided to take a look.  OMG my friends.  OMG. If you think your resume isn’t an […]

Save Your Holiday Party!

My apologies for the week-long absense in posts.  Thanksgiving plus a very persistent cold equals lack of posts.  However, I have a treat to come back to you with- Kahlua (yes, the beverage company), is running a Save the Holiday Party contest for frustrated workers whose professional holiday bash has been cancelled due to the […]

Career Advice & Motivation from the Pilgrims

I have to admit, I originally wrote this for the monthly newsletter my office produces.  Even though it’s a publication geared towards college students, I think it’s an appropriate and timely post for people in any stage of their career.  Now, maybe we’ll all work up the motivation to take charge of our careers while we work […]