My latest scribbles: Part-time jobs, SAHMs vs. WAHMs, and telecommuting during the winter storm

Benefits of Telecommuting During The Big Winter Storm

  • Greetings from the Great White South! Nope, not North — South. The biggest winter storm in over a decade hit my current hometown of Atlanta last week and the entire city was in a stand-still. For four days, my tiny side street was frozen solid while the Department of Transportation worked to clear the highways of inches-thick ice. Luckily, I didn’t have to worry about leaving the house for work, because I’m a telecommuter! It seems that 2011 is the year of the storm-stranded telecommuter. Unable (or perhaps rightfully unwilling) to brave the snow and ice to get to work, more employers and employees are opting for telecommuting schedules during storms.

SAHMs vs. WAHMs: Do Moms Really Need to Choose Between Work and Family?

  • An article titled, “SAHMs Should Get a Job” posted this week at got me thinking about the constant battle that mothers face about raising their children and working. The “to work or not to work” question is always contested and never resolved, and I truly believe it’s because there is no ONE answer for every woman. And for me, an answer that works right now may no longer work in a year or two or ten.

10 Best Part-time Jobs This Week

  • We’re happy to introduce a new weekly feature on the FlexJobs blog! Every week, we’ll be profiling ten of the “Best Jobs” within our listings– ten interesting, exciting, or just plain fun jobs that can be found in the FlexJobs listings. This week, we’re taking a look at some of the most recently posted part-time jobs.  They include jobs from categories such as Web Design, Health & Medical, Education jobs and more.

My latest scribbles: interview questions, telecommuting, and career happiness

I realize it’s been a while since I posted links to some of my work. Here’s what I’ve been up to at FlexJobs over the past couple months. Lots more to come in the next few weeks. Thanks for reading!

How to answer the question, “Why have you been unemployed for so long?”

  • The news is littered with stories of unemployed job seekers who can’t seem to find a new job. Some employers even admit to not considering a candidate if they are unemployed, opting for already-employed job seekers instead. While we abhor that kind of policy, it’s important for unemployed job seekers to understand how their unemployment might affect their job search, and how to handle — and prepare for — the dreaded question, “Why have you been unemployed for so long?” … read full article

Employees more satisfied at companies with flexible work schedules

  • Bain & Company, a global business consulting firm, recently released the results of their survey of 3,300 managers and professionals from around the world about work satisfaction. One of the questions asked was, “How likely are you to recommend your organization to a friend or a colleague?” No surprise to us, the folks surveyed who work for companies with a commitment to flexible scheduling and job options were much more likely to recommend their employers to friends and colleagues. … read full article

Top 3 telecommuting office must-haves

  • When making the transition from a traditional office to a home office, it’s important to make sure you have the right tools and gadgets to help you succeed. The most important tools are the ones that help you communicate with your coworkers, wherever they might be. Fast Company created a list of their favorite work-from-home tools for telecommuters and we’d like to share their ideas with you, along with our own tool tips. All of the telecommuting tools we’ve included are free! … read full article

My Ology scribbles: apple recipes, job searching, bed sheets, baby carrots, and costumes

From the list below, you might get the impression that my writing for Ology is all over the place. And you would, indeed, be correct. The nice thing about writing for the Life & Money channel is that, as long as it’s related to life and money, and it sounds interesting, I can write about it. Not a bad gig…

  • Jobology: Class of 2011 Spring Job Search Tips
  • Life Hack: How often do you change your sheets?
  • Bad-a**Baby Carrots?
  • Do-It-Yourself: Halloween Costumes
  • Weekend Foodie: Apple Recipes
  • Message in a Bottle Actually Works
  • Fun Fact Friday: Lawsuits Use Social Networks

20 Best Job Search Websites according to

The 20 Best Job Search Websites, according to (full article has reasons for each).  I have to agree with most of the ones on this list, though I am particular happy to see niche websites listed.  I find those much more helpful than the mega huge job boards like and 

If you’re like me, you’re probably always poking around on job sites to see what’s new and interesting, without really thinking of applying to jobs.  My personal favorites from this list are SimplyHired and Indeed, Hound, Beyond, and LinkedIn.  I would also add, a great site for nonprofit work.  What websites do you like the best?

I hadn’t even heard of the one below until I was searching for images for this post, but it certainly caught my attention!  Anyone ever heard of it or used it?

A Luddite’s Guide to LinkedIn (I couldn’t resist)

When I saw this article by Michelle Goodman of, I couldn’t resist posting it.  I was visiting my mother this weekend, a fellow resource hound and semi-techie, and somehow the subject of the “luddite” came up in conversation. 

Pardon my ignorance, but I was unfamiliar with the phrase (moms are the best audience for an “I don’t get it” moment).  A luddite, as she explained, is a common phrase for someone who rejects or fails to accept technological advances, to their own detriment of course.  Even more interesting, the origin of the term can be found in 19th century Leicestershire, England, when workman Ned Ludd destroyed a knitting frame.  The folks who followed Ludd’s lead were known as Luddites, for their rejection of labor saving (and hence job-eliminating) technological advances.  (Merriam Webster dictionary entry found here).  LinkedIn, however, is meant to be the complete opposite of a job-eliminating tech advance, so luddites get on board!

Anyway, as soon as I saw Michelle’s article on the Luddite’s guide to using LinkedIn, I knew it was just too coincidental to NOT post on it.  Here are Michelle’s tips to using LinkedIN to your advantage:

  1. Boost your profile’s SEO
  2. Broadcast your news
  3. Join a group
  4. Ask and answer questions
  5. Find companies to work for and rising stars to emulate
  6. Give and get recommendations
  7. Make contacts judiciously
  8. Don’t wait until you lose your job

For the complete article and further descriptions of each point on the list, click here.

Amid Job Losses, Obama Launches Gov Jobs Website

The US Department of Labor announced last week that October job losses hit an enormous number- 240,000 jobs lost in one month, bringing the year’s job loss totals to 1.2 million.  The unemployment rate now stands at 6.5%, with the state of Rhode Island topping 8%.  Amid the bad economic news and deepending recession, President-Elect Barack Obama has announced his new website-

If Obama is serious about his renewal of public service and infrastructure reinvestment, there ought to be a LOT of jobs coming in his administration. allows you to sign up to receive information about Obama Administration jobs as they begin opening up.  It’s very easy to sign up for information, and the rest of the website includes information about Obama’s top agenda items and his cabinet choices as they’re made.  I’m sure the odds of landing a job in the administration aren’t great, but it’s worth a shot!