How would “blind” interviews alter the makeup of the workplace?

In career services, we stress the importance of appearance at job interviews.  Dress conservatively, get rid of distracting jewelry or scents, if you play with your hair, pull it back, don’t wear rings on ever finger or in every piercing, don’t have loose change in your pockets, and so on. has a thought provoking blog […]

20 Best Job Search Websites according to

The 20 Best Job Search Websites, according to (full article has reasons for each).  I have to agree with most of the ones on this list, though I am particular happy to see niche websites listed.  I find those much more helpful than the mega huge job boards like and  If you’re […]

Cheezhead Recruiting Blog

For those of you in the human resources/recruiting industry, or those of you want to be inside the heads of those in recruiting, you’ll enjoy Cheezhead.  It focuses on several things that I think are timely, clever, useful, and often funny, and throws traditional notions of recruiting completely out the window (much like that phrase […]