The Handiness of Unitasking.

My husband laughs at me when I say I’m a multitasker.  “I hope it doesn’t say ‘multitasker’ on your resume” is a common household expression at our place.  And lately I feel like I’ve been multitasking like crazy but also feel that I’m getting much less done.  So I decided to try out unitasking and see if I fair any better.

First, I examined my typical workday:  Continue reading “The Handiness of Unitasking.”

Job Action Day, Better Late than Never!

Job Action Day logoQuintessential Careers declared November 3rd as Job Action Day.  But even if, like me, you missed this great event, turn any day in the future into Job Action Day for yourself!

What is Job Action Day? “Quintessential Careers has declared Nov. 3 Job Action Day 2008 worldwide — a day for job-seekers and workers to confront the current economic crisis head-on and take action steps to improve their careers.  Quintessential Careers will mark Job Action Day 2008 with service-oriented articles and blog entries to provide workers and job-seekers with information, ideas, and concrete steps that they can take to secure their futures — both in the short-term and the long-term. The articles, to be introduced in a special Job Action Day edition of Quintessential Careers’ newsletter, QuintZine, include:”

Also, check out all the bloggers who participated in Job Action Day, they’e got some excellent useful and clever tips, tools, and techniques to help anyone in any stage of their career:

In addition, the Quintessential Careers family of blogs, including the Quintessential Careers Blog, Career Doctor Blog, Quintessential Resume and Cover Letter Tips Blog, and A Storied Career, will feature Job Action Day entries.  

No Job Seeker Doesn’t Like Sara Lee

Sara Lee, the company repsonsible for Ball Park Franks, Jimmy Dean sausages, and of course, the original Sara Lee Cheesecake, is putting a delicious new idea out there for experienced job seekers- returnships.

According to the article, returnships, like internships, are a way for people to get into the workforce, only this time, it’s for Act II.  Sara Lee describes it as a 4-6 month internship for folks who have been out of the workforce for 3-5 years.  Tailored specifically for those who left the workforce to spend more time with their families, these returnships acknowledge the fact that just because people leave their work for a while “doesn’t mean they lost their brains.”

On a handiwork scale from 1 to 10, this idea is a 10 for sure.

Free Inspirational Webinar- Weds. 10/29

The folks over at The Extraordinary Life are putting together a free webinar entitled “If you can’t stand up, stand out!” which will go over some excellent ways to overcome your own limitations and change your attitude for the better.  In these rapidly devolving economic times, it’s important to keep things in perspective, understand yourself and your abilities, and “respond with confidence instead of fear.”

If You Can’t Stand Up, Stand Out!
Host: David Bush, Executive Coach and Founder of
Speaker: Mike Schlappi, Author, Speaker and Gold Medalist
Date: Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Time: 1:00pm CDT (2:00pm EDT, 12:00pm MDT, 11:00am PDT)
Cost: Complimentary! 

Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

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50 Most Powerful Women in Business

Fortune magazine released its annual list of America’s most powerful businesswomen.  Some you’ve certainly heard of, but most you haven’t, and it’s pretty amazing the things they’ve been able to accomplish.  Note there is only one who works for a company which is her name backwards.

Here are the Top Twelve:

Rank Name Company
1 Indra Nooyi PepsiCo
2 Irene Rosenfeld Kraft Foods
3 Pat Woertz Archer Daniels Midland
4 Anne Mulcahy Xerox
5 Angela Braly Wellpoint
6 Andrea Jung Avon Products
7 Susan Arnold Procter & Gamble
8 Oprah Winfrey Harpo
9 Brenda Barnes Sara Lee
10 Ursula Burns Xerox
11 Ann Livermore Hewlett-Packard
12 Anne Sweeney Walt Disney

Read more about each of these exciting women here.

 Helpful Career Resources for Women:

Career News Galore, All In One Place. Simple. Useful. Clever.

More career advice exists on the internet than I can even begin to comprehend. So how do you access it in a way that simplifies your life?

Enter lists, you guessed it, all the top information sites for any topic you can imagine, more or less.  So if career advice isn’t your thing, consider visiting and finding what is.  I happen to love and as well as the career page.

It’s an amazing concept- an online magazine rack of hundreds of topics.  Get the information you want, all in one place.  Simple and Simplifying.

Three Factors of Human Motivation in the Workplace has some excellent free and for-fee resources.  A freebie they are featuring at the moment is the Sirota Three Factor Theory on motivation at work.

These three factors are key, not only for managers and employers, but for anyone who is employed to better understand their motivation, or lack there of.

Preview of the Article:

To understand and appreciate Sirota’s theory, it’s important to recognize the starting point: that many, maybe most, people start a new job with high levels of motivation and enthusiasm, and that they generally want to enjoy what they do. He argues that this natural state of motivation is then reduced, over time, by bad practices and poor conditions within the company.

Sirota’s Three-Factor Theory of Human Motivation in the Workplace is based on three fundamental principles:

  1. The organization’s goals are not in conflict with the workers’ goals.
  2. Workers have basic needs that organizations should try to meet.
  3. Staff enthusiasm is a source of competitive advantage.

According to Sirota’s research, the three factors that, together, build enthusiasm, are as follows:

  1. Equity/Fairness – People want to be treated fairly at work.
  2. Achievement – People want to do important, useful work, and be recognized for this.
  3. Camaraderie – People want to enjoy good relationships with their co-workers.

Read the complete article here.

Most of the time, the same things that motivate you in your regular life also motivate you at work, so take some time to think about your biggest motivators.  At the same time, consider your biggest demotivators.  Now make two lists of work-related tasks and situations that fulfill both of those areas- motivation and demotivation.  Which list is longer?  If you’re seeing the demotivators piling up on one side, it’s time to think of how you can remedy your work situation. 

Your employer might be unaware that they’ve created an environment chock-full of demotivators, so if some of them can be fixed by your employer, it might be a good idea to discuss them with your supervisor.  And don’t neglect the motivators too- telling your supervisor, and in some cases showing them, what really motivates you can be the key to a solid working relationship and enjoyable working life.