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“But, Brie, you say you’ve written for bigger outlets than the ones listed below, what gives?”

Much of my writing work over the last 13 years has been ghostwritten pieces for Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Fortune, Forbes, NBC News, HuffPost, software companies, and other clients.

I’m the ghostwriter you use when you want something written in you or your company’s voice, written well, and written quickly. After that, mum’s the word.

Content Marketing Pieces, Guides, and Handouts

Fact Sheets / One-Page Explainers on Work Flexibility – 1 Million for Work Flexibility
  • Researched and developed the content for four quick-reference fact sheets on the business case for work flexibility, how to ask for flexible work options, work flexibility policy, and types of work flexibility.
Landing Page for White Paper – Mobile Minds Project
  • Wrote the landing page copy to briefly explain the organization’s downloadable white paper and encourage visitors to download it.
Series of Job Search Guides (paper handouts) – Emmanuel College
  • Resume Guide, Cover Letter Guide, Networking Guide, Interviewing Guide, Effective Job Search Guide, Informational Interviewing Guide, Internships Guide, 4-Year Guide for Successful Career Planning

Articles and Blog Posts

Why “The Troubled Future of Remote Working” Predictions Are Always Wrong – LinkedIn
“Remote work isn’t going to ‘die’ as some have suggested. Nor will it become the only way people work. As with almost any cultural shift, remote work seeks an equilibrium.”
The Top 20 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Career Advice in 140 Characters or Fewer – Mashable
“Twitter has transformed into a way to stay current on the latest job search tips, professional development ideas and small bits of advice that can make a big difference in your career. Consider these resources your Twitter career-support team.”
Accepting a Job Offer? Ask This Question About Work Flexibility – FlexJobs Job Seeker Blog
“If you’re considering accepting a job offer, you’ll probably think to ask about salary and benefits. But, it’s also really important to ask about flexible work options, in a very specific way. Here’s how.”
Where to Eat in Dallas on Any Foodie’s Budget – Marriott Traveler
“To the uninitiated, Dallas may seem like just a beef and barbecue town, but it has much more to offer foodies of any stripe on any budget.”
4 Strategies for Conquering Online Job Application Systems – Lifehack
“The prospect of entering your professional information into a computer system and sending it into a seemingly large black hole is both scary and exhausting. But, there are things you can do to make your application stand out, both to the computer system AND to human beings at the other end.”
What is a Consultant Job? How to Find One – FlexJobs Job Seeker Blog
“One of the most searched job terms is “consultant,” but for those of us who are unsure, what does that actually mean? We’ve created this general guide to help you assess your interest in the popular field of consulting.”
When working from home goes wrong: BBC interviewee gets interrupted by his kids on live TV – LinkedIn
Remote workers, and frankly parents everywhere, know the feeling that Professor Robert E. Kelly must have experienced the moment his young daughter burst into his office during a live BBC television interview.”
Toyota’s Telecommuting Program: 4 Things Done Well – FlexJobs Employer Blog
“Toyota has become the latest well-known company to openly embrace telecommuting as an option for some of its employees. The plan is still in discussions with Toyota’s labor unions, but already other companies can learn some pretty important lessons about how to devise a similar plan for themselves.”

Long-Form Articles

A Roundup of Sample Flexible Work Policies for Employers – FlexJobs Employer Blog
“Does your company have a formal flexible work policy? If you said no, you’re not alone. Not by a long shot. A lack of clarity surrounding the who/what/when/why/how of flexible work programs leads to confusion, frustration, and in many cases, costly turnover.”
The Importance of Documenting Student Interactions in Career Services – Better Weekdays /
“In 2008, when I worked as assistant director of career services, we received a phone call from the president’s office. The mother of a soon-to-be-graduate was livid that her daughter hadn’t found a job yet.”
How to Launch a Remote Company –
“If you’re considering starting a business, it might have crossed your mind to do so remotely. But to launch a remote company successfully, there are some important ideas to consider and actions to take.”
7 Point Checklist for How to Choose a Technology Vendor for Your Career Services Team – Better Weekdays /
“Choosing the right technology vendor can make a huge difference in how your office functions and the service you provide to students and alumni. But it can also be a source of stress.”

Online Course Development

Recovering from a Layoff – LinkedIn Learning /
60 minutes, 16 parts, Video
Brie Weiler Reynolds' LinkedIn Learning Course, Recovering from a Layoff
“By the end of this course, you’ll be able to develop a personalized action plan that includes adding new experiences to your resume, strategically using your professional network, pinpointing the best open jobs, and tackling difficult interview questions with confidence.”


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