Well Hello, Again.

Is it still acceptable to say “it’s been a while” when it’s actually been almost four solid years of silence in the blog section of my website?

The good news is that I plan to write more here. (At least, that’s good news to me) And the great news is that over these four years, a lot has happened. And “a lot” is definitely acceptable in this usage.

  • Moved from Georgia to Texas
  • Moved from part-time writer to full-time Director of Content at FlexJobs
  • Welcomed kiddo numero uno into the world
  • Purchased first house
  • Renovated said house

Hopefully that proves it hasn’t been a wasted four years.

Expect to see random career-related musing on here once again. Maybe weekly, maybe monthly, maybe whenever I feel it, don’t pressure me!

Check out some of my oldies but goodies in the meantime: