My latest scribbles: Part-time jobs, SAHMs vs. WAHMs, and telecommuting during the winter storm

Benefits of Telecommuting During The Big Winter Storm

  • Greetings from the Great White South! Nope, not North — South. The biggest winter storm in over a decade hit my current hometown of Atlanta last week and the entire city was in a stand-still. For four days, my tiny side street was frozen solid while the Department of Transportation worked to clear the highways of inches-thick ice. Luckily, I didn’t have to worry about leaving the house for work, because I’m a telecommuter! It seems that 2011 is the year of the storm-stranded telecommuter. Unable (or perhaps rightfully unwilling) to brave the snow and ice to get to work, more employers and employees are opting for telecommuting schedules during storms.

SAHMs vs. WAHMs: Do Moms Really Need to Choose Between Work and Family?

  • An article titled, “SAHMs Should Get a Job” posted this week at got me thinking about the constant battle that mothers face about raising their children and working. The “to work or not to work” question is always contested and never resolved, and I truly believe it’s because there is no ONE answer for every woman. And for me, an answer that works right now may no longer work in a year or two or ten.

10 Best Part-time Jobs This Week

  • We’re happy to introduce a new weekly feature on the FlexJobs blog! Every week, we’ll be profiling ten of the “Best Jobs” within our listings– ten interesting, exciting, or just plain fun jobs that can be found in the FlexJobs listings. This week, we’re taking a look at some of the most recently posted part-time jobs.  They include jobs from categories such as Web Design, Health & Medical, Education jobs and more.