Easy Way to Give, Even While You’re at Work

Do you have as much stuff lying around your house, taking up space and going unused, as I do?  If so, there’s a really easy way to give it to others who will certainly find more ways to put it to use than you are.  And you don’t even have to miss a day of work or a moment of your weekend to do so.  Here’s how.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Association will pick up resaleable clothing and household items, from your doorstep, even if no one is home.  They then find ways to turn your donation into cash, and put that towards their good works.

Find out more information here. We’re scheduling a pick up for this week!

This works for so many reasons.  It motivates you to declutter your home, provides an easy way to give back (especially during the holiday season, but anytime of year also), and allows you to go about your busy schedule without interruption, and do good at the same time.  Handi, practical, useful, and clever all rolled into one.

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