Twice in One Week, I hear “I’m not worried.” It makes me worry.

Twice this week I have heard the following: “I need some job search help, but I’m not worried about my resume, it’s more about finding openings.”  And still, even though I was assured that their resumes were solid, I decided to take a look.  OMG my friends.  OMG.

If you think your resume isn’t an issue, think again.  Both of these people had well-formatted resume, but the content was abismal.  Listing the names of managers with each job, reasons for dismissal or for leaving the position, out of order dates, and barely a real description of their accomplishments to be found.  OR way way too much information thrown on the page, with little direction for an employer to follow.  Either way, there was much to be worried about.  I thought about how many positions they’d already applied to, thinking their resume was top notch.  I didn’t want to burst their bubble, but saying nothing would have been a dereliction of duty (sorry, that’s a tad on the dramatic side). 

Moral of this resume blunder story:  If you think your resume isn’t the reason you aren’t getting interviews, think again.  Worrying about your resume might be an extreme reaction, but you ought to be concerned about your resume and always looking to improve it.  Rather than holding it back from professional opinions, thrust it with abandon into the faces of anyone who’s willing to have a look-see. 

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