Save Your Holiday Party!

My apologies for the week-long absense in posts.  Thanksgiving plus a very persistent cold equals lack of posts.  However, I have a treat to come back to you with- Kahlua (yes, the beverage company), is running a Save the Holiday Party contest for frustrated workers whose professional holiday bash has been cancelled due to the bottoming out of the economy.  Here are the details:

“A recent survey from executive search firm Battalia Winston International showed that roughly one-fifth of businesses are trimming holiday festivities, marking the lowest percentage of office parties the U.S. has seen in 20 years. Clearly, this annual event is becoming endangered, and Kahlúa is determined to do something about it.”

“Starting on December 1, 2008, deserving companies in the states of Texas, Colorado, Massachusetts, Georgia and Illinois will be eligible to apply for a Holiday Party Bailout Grant-a $10,000 grant to be applied towards throwing their company’s seasonal celebration.”

Basically, you have to fill out an application form.  You’ll be judged on the creativeness of your responses, the persuasiveness of your need, and the embodiment of Kahlua’s spirit of exploring curiosity (whatever that means).

CONTEST DEADLINE: December 7th (this Sunday!).  Winners will be notified by December 12th. 


Good luck and happy holidays!  And of course, if you win, or even enter, please let us know!

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