Career Advice & Motivation from the Pilgrims

I have to admit, I originally wrote this for the monthly newsletter my office produces.  Even though it’s a publication geared towards college students, I think it’s an appropriate and timely post for people in any stage of their career. 

Now, maybe we’ll all work up the motivation to take charge of our careers while we work up the motivation to have seconds at Thanksgiving Dinner.  Happy Turkey Day everyone!

1. Work values are important. The Pilgrims left England because their religious values didn’t match the Church of England’s values. When thinking about your career, consider what values you hold dear, and compare them to potential employers’ values. The more you have in common, the happier you’ll be at work.

2. Timing matters. Don’t start out for the New World, aka, Your Career, too late or you’ll miss the boat. A job search can take at least 3-4 months to complete, so plan ahead and start early!

3. Make friends with more experienced folks. Just as the Indians helped the Pilgrims survive in the new world, so too can other professionals help you navigate your career! Make contact with as many professionals as you can and keep in touch. 70% of available jobs are never posted, and are fill through networking.

4. A career is a JOURNEY, not a DESTINATION. The Pilgrims’ story didn’t end when they reached the New World, and your career doesn’t end when you get your first job. Think about this-the average person typically changes their JOB 4-7 times, and changes their CAREER 3-5 times over the course of their life.Keep that in mind and enjoy your career journey!

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