Holiday decorations at work

Enough with the doom and gloom, let’s talk about something fun and festive!  Before I proceed, I should note that I am a super holiday decoration fanatic.  There isn’t much that I love more than decorating my home for the holidays.  And my office for that matter.  But what decorations are work-appropriate, and what are just annoying, distracting, or altogether inappropriate?  Here are my thoughts.

Holiday lights- appropriate.  As long as they don’t blink, flash, sparkle, etc…  I’m a fan of mood lighting, and I’m convinced that when people walk into my nicely lit office, it puts them in a better moon.  Or maybe not, but at the very least, it puts me in a good mood.

Tinsel- not appropriate.  It falls all over the place, creates a mess for the cleaning folks, and tracks in and out of other peoples’ offices and work spaces.  Don’t get me wrong, I like a nicely-placed tinsel, but it just doesn’t work… at work.

Holiday Screensavers- appropriateness depends.  Does it make noise? Is it super bright?  Does it distract people when it turns on?  If not, it should be just fine.  I’ve had the same holiday screensaver for the past few years, and I actually look forward to turning it on every year.  It’s called The Snowmen and it’s a cute, snow-falling, screensaver that adds a touch of cheer without being gaudy.  Or maybe it’s horrible- let me know in the comments.  Check it out and download it here.

Christmas Tree- if small, then appropriate.  I have a little desk-top christmas tree that has very soft lights on the tips of each branch and it stands maybe 10 inches tall.  If you’re thinking of a real tree, definitely not appropriate- they leave a mess, they smell up the office, and some people might be allergic.  And nothing ruins Christmas spirit quite like violent coughs and sneezing caused by your decorations.  ps- I just googled “desktop christmas tree” and got about 5,000 screensavers returned, so that’s a good way to solve this dilemma!

Christmas music- it seems unavoidable, considering that TWO radios stations here in Boston started playing it immediately after Halloween this year.  In moderation, I think it’s appropriate.  Once you start to hear the same songs 2 or 3 times, give it a rest.

And if these tips aren’t helpful, just look at this.  If your office even remotely resembles this picture, it’s time to rethink your decorating habits.  Though I have to admit, that is some craftsmanship.  See more amazing office decorations here.

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