Easy Negotiating Tips

These great tips from RealSimple.com could apply easily to the working world or your personal life.  Use them how you will.  And if you have any other tips, leave ’em for all to see!

From RealSimple.com, with additions from handiwork:

  • Remember — it’s not personal. “As soon as emotions enter into the transaction, you’re going to lose,” says Kit Yarrow, a professor of consumer psychology at Golden Gate University, in San Francisco.
  • (handiwork says- the same goes at work.  Your boss doesn’t NOT want to pay you what you’re worth, usually anyway, but sometimes they need convincing arguments to give their boss as to why you should get a promotion, bonus, etc…)
  • Do your homework. You’ll feel confident, and “if you tell the salesman that you know it’s last year’s model, you will disarm him,” says Ken Hall, the chief Teamsters Union negotiator for 215,000 UPS drivers.
  • (handiwork says- again, same at work.  Figure out what other people in similar positions are being paid.  Websites like www.salary.com and www.wageweb.com can help you figure that out (some parts are free, some are for a fee).  The more you know about the way others are compensated for the same work you do, the easier it will be to convince your boss that you deserve more)
  • Stay calm. Starting an argument won’t help your chances.
  • (handiwork says- arguing in the workplace is completely avoidable and shouldn’t happen if at all possible.  ESPECIALLY if you are trying to get more money from your boss.  Remember that old saying, “you catch more flies with honey”?  There’s a reason that old saying still exists.  It’s true!)
  • Start simple. Practice negotiating where the stakes are low, like at a yard sale.
  • (handiwork says- not a bad idea, if you have time to plan for your I-want-a-raise meeting)
  • Follow through. If you get the offer you were looking for, take it. “Don’t keep angling for more,” says Dominick Misino, a retired hostage negotiator for the New York Police Department.
  • (handiwork says- ditto.)
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