SpringPad and thesimpleme.com

A while back, I came across a website called SpringPad, which was featured in the Boston Business Journal.  Springpad describes itself this way: “Springpads are free online notebooks that help you manage your life.  Use your springpad to keep track of notes, photos, maps, to-dos, contacts, appointments, and more.  Of course, this is a handy and practical idea, and you know how I love handy and practical, not to mention resources that help people organize their lives!

In the near future, I’ll be adding Spring Links to handiwork, so that if you are a springpad user (they are in beta right now, but you can sign up here- www.springpadit.com), you’ll be able to link any content you read on handiwork to your springpad notebooks.  Their website is visually stunning, and although I haven’t signed up yet, I plan to soon, and will update you with my thoughts on their site.  Please note- in order to use the beta version of springpad, you have to use Firefox 2, 3, Safari 3, or Internet Explorer 7.  Hence my not yet signing up for it… 

**One thing that I’m particularly interested in checking out is the Job Search Manager springpad, which helps you organize your job search.  If anyone is already using it, let us know what you think!

Springpad’s blog is thesimpleme.com and is a FANTASTIC resource for anyone looking for a little simplicity in a busy, crazed life. 

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