A Luddite’s Guide to LinkedIn (I couldn’t resist)

When I saw this article by Michelle Goodman of ABCNews.com, I couldn’t resist posting it.  I was visiting my mother this weekend, a fellow resource hound and semi-techie, and somehow the subject of the “luddite” came up in conversation. 

Pardon my ignorance, but I was unfamiliar with the phrase (moms are the best audience for an “I don’t get it” moment).  A luddite, as she explained, is a common phrase for someone who rejects or fails to accept technological advances, to their own detriment of course.  Even more interesting, the origin of the term can be found in 19th century Leicestershire, England, when workman Ned Ludd destroyed a knitting frame.  The folks who followed Ludd’s lead were known as Luddites, for their rejection of labor saving (and hence job-eliminating) technological advances.  (Merriam Webster dictionary entry found here).  LinkedIn, however, is meant to be the complete opposite of a job-eliminating tech advance, so luddites get on board!

Anyway, as soon as I saw Michelle’s article on the Luddite’s guide to using LinkedIn, I knew it was just too coincidental to NOT post on it.  Here are Michelle’s tips to using LinkedIN to your advantage:

  1. Boost your profile’s SEO
  2. Broadcast your news
  3. Join a group
  4. Ask and answer questions
  5. Find companies to work for and rising stars to emulate
  6. Give and get recommendations
  7. Make contacts judiciously
  8. Don’t wait until you lose your job

For the complete article and further descriptions of each point on the list, click here.

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