Amid Job Losses, Obama Launches Gov Jobs Website

The US Department of Labor announced last week that October job losses hit an enormous number- 240,000 jobs lost in one month, bringing the year’s job loss totals to 1.2 million.  The unemployment rate now stands at 6.5%, with the state of Rhode Island topping 8%.  Amid the bad economic news and deepending recession, President-Elect Barack Obama has announced his new website-

If Obama is serious about his renewal of public service and infrastructure reinvestment, there ought to be a LOT of jobs coming in his administration. allows you to sign up to receive information about Obama Administration jobs as they begin opening up.  It’s very easy to sign up for information, and the rest of the website includes information about Obama’s top agenda items and his cabinet choices as they’re made.  I’m sure the odds of landing a job in the administration aren’t great, but it’s worth a shot!

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