Voting is like a Job Search

HAPPY ELECTION DAY EVERYONE!  In honor of our country’s greatest tradition, here is a post comparing the act of voting to the act of job searching…

The process of selecting a candidate and voting for them is a lot like the job search process.  No, I don’t mean from the employer’s perspective, where they are literally “selecting a candidate” for a job.  I mean from the job seekers perspective and from the voter’s perspective, similarities abound.  Here are a few…

1. Research is key.  When you go to the polls, you often know the basics- who you’re voting for for president, senator, and perhaps representative.  But if you forget about the smaller, but still important offices, you may cast your ballot without all the information you need.  The same goes for job searching.  If you don’t research potential employers thoroughly, you could wind up throwing your hat in the ring with an employer who turns out to be a bad fit with your skills, personality, values, etc.  OR you could get to the job interview and look like a fool when the employer quickly realizes you don’t know your stuff.  So research, research, research!  Learn about how to conduct research for a job interview here.

2. A little faith plays a large role in each.  Whether voting or job searching, you can’t possibly know everything that the future holds.  Once your candidate starts their position, they could turn out to be just what you expected, or a total dud.  The same goes for a job.  No matter how great an opportunity looks on the outside, you can never totally prepare for what happens once you start the position.  Research can help make you more certain of outcomes, but you’ve also got to have a little faith and listen to your intution when it comes to both voting and job searching.  Learn about developing your intuition to find your ideal career from Quint Careers here.

3. Your location determines your competition.  When you go to the polls, you might find incredibly long lines or no line at all, it all depends on your location.  Swing states and urban polling places are typically packed with other voters (aka “competition” for time standing in line).  The same is true for job searching.  There are certain areas of the country where there are more job candidates than jobs available.  And on the flipside of that, several areas where there are more jobs than candidates.  Texas has the top 3 hottest job markets in the country right now (Houston, Austin, and Dallas-Fort Worth).  Check out the hottest job markets in the country right now here.

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