No Job Seeker Doesn’t Like Sara Lee

Sara Lee, the company repsonsible for Ball Park Franks, Jimmy Dean sausages, and of course, the original Sara Lee Cheesecake, is putting a delicious new idea out there for experienced job seekers- returnships.

According to the article, returnships, like internships, are a way for people to get into the workforce, only this time, it’s for Act II.  Sara Lee describes it as a 4-6 month internship for folks who have been out of the workforce for 3-5 years.  Tailored specifically for those who left the workforce to spend more time with their families, these returnships acknowledge the fact that just because people leave their work for a while “doesn’t mean they lost their brains.”

On a handiwork scale from 1 to 10, this idea is a 10 for sure.

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