Daniel Pink interviewed by Oprah

I’ve written about Daniel Pink and his book, A Whole New Mind, several times before in this blog.  Let’s just say, Oprah must be reading handiwork because she decided to interview Pink on her radio show- Oprah’s Soul Series Webcast.  Alright, so it probably has more to do with Pink’s absolutely phenomenal book and outlook on the future of work and life, and slightly less to do with handiwork…

Listen to the audio or watch the video here.

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How I’ve changed since reading A Whole New Mind:

I tell you what- after reading A Whole New Mind, I put into action one of the easiest of Daniel Pink’s suggestions.  In my office, I had a bulletin board full of lists and notes and things I hadn’t looked at in months, clearly not things I NEEDED hanging around my office, but a very left-brained approach to a bulletin board.  Pink suggests turning your bulletin board into an inspiration board, something to intrigue and jump start the right side of your brain.  Fashion designers and other right-brainers have been doing this forEVER, so why not give it a shot?

So I ripped down the meaningless papers that cluttered my board and posted only things that I found inspiring, interesting to look at, funny, etc…  And you know what?  Not only do I pay more attention to my bulletin board, I get ideas from it.  And at least once or twice a week, I have a visitor in my office who comments about something on my board. 

Did my old bulletin board ever inspire anyone to talk about it?  Absolutely not.  Does my new board inspire myself and others?  Absolutely.  And while I couldn’t tell you one thing I used to have on my old board, I can describe to you several things that exist on it now.  And in a small way, my inspiration board has made my daily life better.  Can you ask for more?

My attempt at an online inspiration board:




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