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eLifePlans.com is a website for life coaching that tries to help readers and members live their most Extraordinary Life.  I found this through another cool website- VocationVacations.com, when they partnered to produce a FREE webinar on branching out on your own and embracing your entrepreneurial spirit.  The webinar offered 8 helpful steps to becoming an entrepreneur (or Free Agent as Daniel Pink has written about) and I found it incredibly helpful, especially considering it was FREE!

In the interest of full disclosure, the main point of eLifePlans.com is to get viewers to sign up for life coaching and their other services, which of course are not free. But I’m always forgiving of a website that offers excellent FREE resources in addition to its fee-based services.

So I present to you, the eLifePlans.com Upcoming Events List.  Both of these, as far as I am aware, are complimentary:

  • “Developing Extraordinary Leadership Skills” with Ron Price
  • “Learn to Lead your Biggest Follower” with Dr. Ron Jenson

“Learn to Lead your Biggest Follower” with Dr. Ron Jenson

Do you feel like you are always overlooked when opportunities in the workplace arise? Are you tired of being a follower, but just don’t quite know how to lead?
If you answered yes to either of these questions, you need to be on this webinar. Join David Bush, CEO and Founder of eLifePlans.com as he speaks with Dr. Ron Jenson, America’s Life Coach. Dr. Jenson will be coaching us on how extraordinary leadership flows from the inside out. Your ability to self lead or manage your life, determines your ability to lead others.
In this session you’ll learn the 10 universal and essential skills needed to be able to lead your biggest follower–YOU. Master this and you’ll dramatically impact others.
When: Wednesday, October 1, 2008
Time: 11am PDT, 12pm MDT, 1pm CDT and 2pm EDT
Click here to register today!

“Developing Extraordinary Leadership Skills” with Ron Price

Do you need help in bringing clarity to tough problems within your career or business? Do you lack the focus you need to drive high performance and achieve results?
If you answered yes to these questions, don’t miss the upcoming webinar with David Bush, CEO & Founder of eLifePlans.com and Ron Price, President/CEO of Price Associates, a consulting firm created to help business owners and executives work together more effectively through improving relationships, better business planning and performance management systems.
In this webinar, Ron will give you a simple but dynamic model for developing extraordinary leadership skills. This model will give you specific ways to develop extraordinary leadership in your life and career.
When: Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Time: 11am PDT, 12pm MDT, 1pm CDT and 2pm EDT
Click here to register today!

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