Mid Life Career Changes

It used to be the conventional method to stay at one employer for most, if not all, of your working life, retire with them, and then receive a pention from that company to sustain them through retirement (a retirement, I might add, which typically did not last the 20+ years that we’re seeing retirements last nowadays).

New wisdom suggests that a) you most likely won’t find a company who wants to support you well after you retire and b) it’s difficult, and often boring, to work within one company for your entire life.

Enter Mid Life Career Changes!  Happening with much more frequently, the mid-life crisis has taken a whole new angle with people not only changing their personal lives, but their professional ones as well.  Here are some excellent resources for you or anyone you know who is teetering on the brink of the mid-life career change:

  • Vocation Vacations: Ever wanted to try out your dream job without committing to a new job or even an internship experience?  Spend a weekend or a week doing it instead!  Vocation Vacations wins my “invention of the wheel” award for their innovative approach to helping people to experience their dreams.
  • LifeTwo.com– an EXCELLENT resource for people seeking a “new” life, a second life (not to be confused with that new-ish website for virtual living SecondLife…).  They bill themselves as the website for Midlife Improvement.  I can’t think of a better way to approach it.
  • Career Choice or Change by About.com: the folks over at About.com have done it again!  They’ve got pages and pages dedicated to planning for your next career change, from turning hobbies into careers, making action plans, setting goals, a quiz on career change, and more.
  • Free Career Planning Class on Choosing an Occupation- About.com also offers a free 5-week e-mail class on choosing an occupation.  I have NO idea if this works or not, but if anyone tries it or has already done so, please please please leave comments here on your experience.  It sounds like a great idea, I want to know if it is what is says.
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