A lightening of the Economy, so to speak

If you woke up this morning and though, hmph, it feels “lighter” today, you were right- the United States lost 84,000 jobs in August, causing the highest national unemployment rate in 5 years- 6.1% of eligible workers in our country are now unemployed.

In case you wonder what this means for the economy, it takes roughly 150,000 NEW jobs each month to keep the economy stable.  We’ve seen job declines every month for 8 consecutive months.  The last time this happened was 2001, and the job loss continued for 29 consecutive months. 

Sorry to be Debbie Downer on a Friday!  But there are somethings to help you during turbulent employment times:

About.com’s Job Page on Unemployment (where I got the info for this post)

  • Includes how to file unemployment
  • how to request an unemployment extension
  • how to survey the job market to prepare yourself

Job Searching in a Bad Economy

Job Searching for Women in an Economic Downturn

Job Search Support from Professionals and Regular Folks (and it’s free!)

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