Simply Complex – Changing Your Contact Info

When I recently got married, I made the choice to change my last name to my husband’s.  And while I’m quite satisfied with that decision, I am also going to openly confess that it’s a giant pain in the tookus.  Because of it, I needed to change my e-mail address, which then got me thinking of my total reliance on e-mail’s subfolders to store critical info related to my bills, bank accounts, etc… and the seemingly endless number of places my last name exists.  And those places include a LOT of job-related places.

So here is a handy check-list for those of you in my position, or those of you who might need to change something relatively similar. 

Where to change your name (or phone number or email address or mailing address) so that potential employers don’t miss out on your professional prowess:

  • Your resume – the paper version
  • Your resume – anywhere it exists online (uploaded onto,, etc.)
  • Job search websites – those you’ve set up accounts with
  • – because it’s often the first return in a google search for your name, make sure it’s aways accurate!
  • Listservs – autmatically receiving updates, newsletters, discussion board messages?  Make sure they still know how to find you!  (actually, this could be a prime opportunity to cut the clutter!)
  • Professional Organizations of which you’re a member
  • Bank Accounts (they house your paychecks!)
  • Retirement Accounts (same reasoning- anyone who controls your money oughta know how to reach you!)
  • Professional and Networking contacts that you keep in touch with.  This is also an EXCELLENT time to give them a brief update on your life and let them know that you appreciate your continued relationship with them…
  • Alumni Office at your Alma Mater
Guess the reference  (its one of handiworks favorite movies!)
Guess the reference (it's one of handiwork's favorite movies!)

And if you’re pressed for time, patience, and sanity (all of which I am extremely pressed for now that I’m knee-deep in name change madness), a couple companies have actually been born out of the need people have to change their names.

Miss Now Mrs

Legal Name Change Kit

KitBiz Name Change Kit Wedding Sense Name Change Guide and Kit

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