Transferable Skills – Even presidential candidates need them

If you’re conducting a job search at the moment, you might learn a thing or two from the presidential race.  No matter your political affiliation, every politician touts an important list of SKILLS that they bring to the table.  Most of these skills were gained in positions outside the presidential arena, but they are TRANSFERABLE because they can be used in many settings.  These are, aptly, called TRANSFERABLE SKILLS.

Why are transferable skills important?
Transferable skills are what help people with little or no specific experience in a particular career break into that career by using their outside experience.  So if you’ve found a job that you just know you are perfect for, but there’s the small matter of your never having done that job before, transferable skills can help get you in the door.

Typical Transferable Skills:

  • Communication (written and verbal), Persuasion, Expression, Editing, Preparing Reports
  • Interpersonal, Human Relations, Listening, Empathy, Sensitivity, Teamwork
  • Management, Leadership, Motivation, Team Building, Independence, Conflict Resolution
  • Creativity, Innovation, Contributions, Criticism, Artistry, “Outside the Box” thinking
  • Strategic Thinking/Planning, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Analysis, Research
  • Organization, Puncuality, Attention to Detail, Accountability, Responsibility, Ethics

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6 Skills for Your New Mind:
Also, don’t forget about the 6 essential skills that Daniel Pink talks about in his book, A Whole New Mind.  Those skills will be critical to the workforce of tomorrow (cue futuristic, sci-fi music sound effects).  Here’s more info on Dan Pink and A Whole New Mind.

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