Secrets of the Job Hunt – Great Resource

I recently joined the website (membership is FREE).  Here is how they describe themselves:

Secrets of the Job HuntSecrets of the Job Hunt is a social network for job seekers & career advice professionals. All members have the ability to post to our blog, participate in groups, forums and message each other. Think of us as the “Facebook” for job hunting tips. 

As a result of my membership, I received a message this weekend from the website.  Another member, Linda, had a question and needed some advice.  She was waiting to hear back from a company she’d interviewed with, and was wondering how other folks get over the anxiety that comes with waiting for the phone to ring.  For her post, she received 12 really well thought-out, in-depth responses with excellent advice, from both career professionals and fellow job seekers.

What a GREAT concept- give and get advice from the Pros and from people who are in your shoes (or have been).  And it’s all completely free.  You should definitely check out!

Secrets of the Job Hunt
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