Radical Careering = Rad Resource!

I like inspiring things.  Inspiring things are, well, inspirational.  Once resource that I’m particularly inspired by is the “theory” of radical careering, introduced by Sally Hogshead.  I first came across the concept through her book of the same name, but after visiting her website, I am convinced of its rad-ness.

Radical Careering centers around the shocking and unbelievable idea that, GASP, we should love what we do for work, and that in order to feel that love, we need to fight for it.  I know, I know- I’ll give you a second to contemplate it fully.  Now, the concept and materials surrounding Radical Careering can be a bit, um, intense.  But Hogshead admits it herself in her first “Radical Truth” – “Welcome to the age of intensity.”

And I suppose that’s a great way to describe the feeling of truly loving your work- it’s intense. 


  • Self Induced Whiplash- a quiz that introduces the momentum equation: goals+attitutude+skill set+action+network.  What’s your career momentum like and how can you improve it?
  • Portable Equity- the sum of all the skills, talents, experiences, and networks that you have built in your current career and can TAKE WITH YOU into a new career.  How many suitcases will you need?
  • Please-and-Thank-You.com.  Professional manners revisited- now that’s something we could all brush up on!


  • Some of the activities are more useful than others, but I do give props for cleverness!
  • There are so many websites connected to Radical Careering (that are part of the main website), that it’s difficult to remember what you’ve already visited, and even where you are in the site.  But it’s not a bad place to get lost.
  • Some of the links lead to unfinished pages or “coming soon” notices, after you’ve already gotten all excited about what you’ll find.  Try remembering to check back later :(
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