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I’m the first to admit it- I love career-related advice, but I’m certainly not the most comprehensive source (yet :)) available on the web.  Enter, a website that lets you search over 400 career advice websites and blogs from top professionals in the field. 

Some of my big favorites come up in a quick search for career advice-’s Job Search page, Quint Careers,, and many others.  And of course searches also yield results from excellent career advice blogs run by professional career advisors and recruiters- and yes, handiwork is one of them!

So check out for the answers to many of your career related questions.  But of course, don’t forget to come back to handiwork!

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  1. I believe that before you go out there and market yourself you first must have REAL enthusiasm for what you are doing! To do that you must know your career DNA, and occupational interests! As a recent college graduate has helped me and a lot of my friends get on the right track with our careers. I recommend the site to anyone searching for their perfect career!

  2. Thanks for the comment, John! I’m always happy to hear about resource that have helped people find their passion. In the interest of full disclosure, I should add that the resource John mentions is a for-fee service. This doesn’t mean it’s any less or more useful than free resources, it just means it’s for a fee. Full disclosure completed!

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