Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

In the video section of handiwork, you may have watched Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture, in which this brilliant and eloquent professor actually gives the lecture he would if he knew it would be his last.  Though provoking, funny, and inspiring, I highly recommend you all watch it and take to heart some of Randy’s lessons.

Randy died today of pancreatic cancer at the age of 47, but as he says in his last lecture, he accomplished pretty much everything he’d ever wanted to do, professionally and personally.  From childhood dreams of being in zero gravity to becoming a college professor, Randy figured out something that so many people miss- how to recognize happiness in life, rather than constantly striving to “get” happiness.  Realize that happiness is not an end goal, it is what happens along the way to other goals. 

Create your own meaning and recognize your own happiness.  Those are lessons that we can all stand to hear regularly in our personal and professional lives.

The Last Lecture

Randy Pausch’s University Home Page

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