Economic Woes Hit My Neighbors

Having an inside view of the career arena, I can tell you the economy is bad.  How do I know this?  Did I read it on  Did I consult some fancy trade journal?  No, no, those all sound great but I have a better source.  A more definitive source.  It comes from my downstairs neighbors.  Being that we share a 2-family home (2 apartments, mine on the 2nd floor), I’ve gotten to know their habits pretty quickly. 

When I moved in last summer, the smell of pot smoke wafting through my window every morning indicated that my neighbors were two gentlemen with cash to burn, literally, and time to idle.  One a real estate agent, the other a landscaper, they were clearly in a position to spend their hard earned cash, and smoke it in liberal quantities, day and night.

A funny thought occured to me this week, just one year after I first moved in here.  The pot smoke smell has dwindled from a twice-daily routine, into a night-only routine, and now only happens every few days.  The economy is bad my friends.  And I know this because my neighbors are sacrificing.

But in all seriousness, the economy is not doing great things for job seekers.  Here are some resources that provide assistance to those seeking to find, maintain, or change their careers during the current economic slowdown/recession/crap shoot.

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