Biking to Work

I’ll admit it, I joined the craze and bought a bike several months ago.  WHAT FUN!!  Biking to work is great for several reasons- I control my commute, I cut down on gas use, and I get my exercise in while commuting (hello multitasking!).  But I’ve also noticed how mad drivers can get at bikers, and as a biker myself, I can see why.  Not following the rules of the road, dodging in and out of cars, running red lights, using cars for balance, not good! 

And this was reported just last week in the Seattle Times- Clash of wheels mars Portland’s bike-friendly fame.

So what should new bikers, like myself, and even experienced know about biking on the roads?  According to the super helpful website , run by the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation/trickstips, it’s pretty simple- if you know how to drive a car, you know how to ride a bike in the road.

With tips and tricks (and detailed pictures & drawings), this website is a must-read for anyone currently or considering biking to work!  Learn how to:

  • communicate with your hands
  • avoid car doors
  • scan for obstacles
  • navigate in traffic
  • plan your route
  • park and lock your bike properly

And, for employers-, a guide to starting a bike-to-work program in your organization!

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