Meta Searches are Meta Helpful

1st Post, how exciting!

My favorite job search websites this year have been meta search sites. These websites are meta searches, meaning that they literally search all websites- job posting sites, employer sites- you name it, they search it.  And they bring all the related job postings back to you in one nice, neat list.  What could be easier?

Bonus– each of these sites let’s you set up job search alerts.  You create a free account, tell the site what sorts of jobs you’re looking for (by location, industry, keyword, years of education, etc…) and as jobs are posted that meet your criteria, you’ll be emailed.  With most sites, you are able to tell the site how many times you want to receive these e-mails (daily, weekly, each time a job is posted…). 

Why do I gush about these sites?

  • Manners: They don’t require you to create an account, but you’re welcome to (I so hate being forced to do things).
  • Information: They tell you exactly where they found the job postings shown to you, and how long ago they were posted.
  • Time: They save you OODLES (yes, oodles, I don’t use that word lightly) of time trolling individual websites for jobs. Time which would be better spent crafting the perfect resume and cover letter for each job.
  • New Resources: They find jobs on websites I’d never even think to look at. 

Meta Search Sites I love:

These can also be linked in to the new pay-for-performance job posting websites which, unlike or other traditional job boards, require employers to pay for their job postings only if they successful find candidates with that website.  Logical, no?

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