Content and copy for educational organizations, nonprofits, news and media outlets, small businesses, and start-ups.

Hi there! I’m Brie, and I’m glad you’re here. Through writing and content, I help organizations connect with their audiences and encourage action. Whether you’re seeking to inform, empower, inspire, or persuade, I can help.

I’ve been writing professionally for 13 years. The through-line of my career is content related to career development, job searching, employment, the way we work, and future work trends. And I’ve written about lots of other topics.

Articles I’ve written or ghostwritten have been featured on Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Fortune, WorkspanNBC News, HuffPost, Mashable, Glassdoor, Lifehack, and other outlets, big and small (view samples).

And I’ve happily shared my expertise as a source for outlets like Today, NBC News, U.S. News & World Report, Bloomberg Business, Forbes, Glassdoor, The Penny Hoarder, and Workforce Management magazine (view full resume).

My goal is to provide well-written copy that moves someone towards a desired action. I help clients encourage action through words.

Think about how we might work together. I’m a creative, organized, and unstuffy professional dedicated to helping people learn, grow, and act.

Check out my services for ideas on how I can help you.

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